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As the name evidently denotes the company founded by Mahesh in the year 2005 is devoted to the profession of Videography & photography. Lensman movie makers better known as “Lensman” in the world of photography is an ardent photographer who has brought up this fledgling company in just a span of around 8 years with many a feather in its cap in the form of assignments of various celebrity as well as blue chip corporate houses. It has been a real long road for Mahesh before the advent of “Lensman” as had a rather long association with internationally known Tv channels like “Asianet” and “Indiavision” for an innings that lasted 10 years !

Lensman has been in the field of photography and Advertisement films and the allied for the past, more than 2 decades and it’s the crave to venture on his own that led to the creation of his dream child “Lensman” an apt name for the creativity of the man behind the name. Specialising in coverage of North Indian and South Indian weddings, Theme/Designer weddings, Wedding Highlights , short films, Add Films, Documentaries, Corporate and Industrial Shoots, Individual portfolios and a host of other similar activities. Lensman also has its own studio where all the editing, voiceover and designing of the assignments are done.

Lensman has on its record some major milestones which it has undertaken like Hebi Eden`s wedding , Dulkar Salman`s wedding ( Actor Mammoty`s son), Corporate houses like National Builders, Trinity Builders, Seemati and many of the prominent jewellery stores of Kerala. Lensman also has the rare distinction of having worked with the iconic Jayaprakash Payannoor and top notch event management companies like “Impresario”.

Worldclass equipments is another addon that Lensman can boast of with highend cameras…. and supported at the same time with the versatile Jimmy Jib crane.

If these have been hallmarks of a company that is just 8 years old one can easily fathom the heights that it will achieve in the years to come. With a dedicated team of enthusiastic professionals for whom the clock stops to tick once on assignment it is just a question of time before “Lensman” becomes a houseold name and company to reckon with in the Add world and in the field of Photography and Videography.

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